Since 2017 Fondazione Edu, in partnership with Association Centro Orientamento Educativo -COE, has been promoting an annual event during the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival -FESCAAL (
Each edition focuses on a specific theme of contemporary Africa and gathers together scholars, practitioners and experts in a round-table followed by the screening of an African movie.

Africa Talks 2023 – Thinking green. Environmental challanges for contemporary Africa

The edition focuses on environmental justice, natural resources management and ecological movements in Africa, with speakers from Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria. The round table will deepen different aspects, from ecological activism (Fridays for future) to political ecology of fisheries cases, from social aspects of climate change to local resilience strategies.

Film: “Aya” (S. Coulibaly, 2021)

Africa Talks 2022 Creative Africa. The future of cultural industries

Speakers from Nigeria, Namibia and Cote d’Ivoire debate around different aspects of the cultural and creative industry in Africa, by analizing the modes of production, the networking opportunities as well as dissemination and communication strategies. The challenges of this market will be presented through different case studies, from a digital literary review to a video-gaming sector Festival until the African art network.

Film: “Système K” (R. Barret, 2019, France)

pic by Thomas Piccapietra
pic by Simone Sapia
pic by Fabio Guazzetti

The previous editions

Africa Talks 2021Cityscapes: the transformations of urban Africa

The round-table focuses on urban changes and architectural innovations in Africa: experts from different countries exchange on mobility, new infrastructures, housing patterns and environmental risks by presenting case-studies from Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Angola.
Film: “The Great Green Wall” (Jared P. Scott, 2019, UK)

Africa Talks 2019Back to the roots. Agriculture and nutrition between old and new knowledge

In the round-table international experts discussed about the value of local production and the promotion of neglected and underutilized species (NUS) to improve food security, small farmers entrepreneurship and resilience to climate change.
Film: “Thank you for the rain” (Dahr, Musya, 2017, Kenia-Norway)

Africa Talks 2018  – How new technologies are changing Africa

The round-table presented the cases of a Nigerian digital TV, an Ethiopian IT academy and the Ivorian photographic sector as well as a reflection about the social and cultural impact of communication and information technology sectors in the continent.
Film: “Liyana” (Koop & Koop, 2017, USA-South Africa)

Africa Talks 2017 – Africa, continent of the future.  University and new entrepreneurship

Scholars both from Italy and Ghana analyzed the relationship between tertiary education and labour market. Speakers have discussed challenges and opportunities of youth employment and higher education and presented different experiences in the continent, from promoting women participation in sciences to the growth of social enterprises.
Film: “Nakom” (Pittman, Norris, 2016, USA-Ghana)